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Abgott, Coventry, 2005

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, Nuneaton, 2005

Tangerine Dream, Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 2005

Yes, Birmingham NEC, 2004

Avril Lavigne, Birmingham NEC, 2005

Bon Jovi, Huddersfield, 2001

Tangerine Dream, Royal Festival Hall, London , 2004

UFO,     Wolverhampton, 2004

The Quireboys, Wolverhampton, 2004


 Space Ritual  UK Tours, 2003-5 (ex - Hawkwind members)

Yes, Birmingham NIA, 2003

Tangerine Dream, London Astoria, 2003

       Budgie,        Rock & Blues Custom Show, 2003

Molly Hatchett, Rock & Blues Custom Show, 2003

Detrimentum, Coventry, 2003

Mithras, Coventry, 2003

Budgie, Northampton, 2002

Tractor, UK Tour, 2003

Counting Crows, Wembley Arena, 2003

Yattering, Coventry, 2003

Mess-Age, Coventry, 2003

Cancer,    Coventry, 2003

Hawkwind, Rock & Blues Custom Show, 2003

Pulverized, Coventry, 2003

CD design, artwork & photography for “Inhabitation” by P.O.A., 2002

CD photography for Rob Halligan, 2004

CD design (with Nick Wade) & photography for B.A.S.S. Freedom: “The E.P.,” 2002

Nick Wade of BASS Freedom

Delirious, Wolverhampton 2001

One Nation, Rebirth 2001

Goldsmiths, Coventry, 2002

Taberah, Rebirth, 2001

Nexus, 2001,2002

Ashra, Sheffield U.K. Electronica, 1984

Wavestar, Sheffield U.K.Electronica, 1984

  Steve Jolliffe   (ex- Tangerine Dream), Sheffield U.K.Electronica, 1984

Mark Flowers is available for commissions. Also high quality copies and enlargements of these photographs and others can be ordered. Please contact him for further details.