Photographs by Mark Flowers ©

Live at The General Wolfe, Coventry, November 8th, 2003   

Musicians: Eddie - vocals, Jon Butlin - guitars, Paul - guitars, Jon Rush - drums                                   

 Promoter: Christophe Szpajdel, Metal Kiosk


Detrimentum is an atmospheric death metal group formed in Northampton in 1996 originally under the name Zarathustra.

CD: A Monument To Suffering - Dominus Detrimentum (1999)

Review by Mark Flowers with contributions by Christoph Szpajdel
Live at The General Wolfe, Coventry, November 8th, 2003

Detrimentum from Northampton, an often very atmospheric group formed in 1996 with strong doom and black metal overtones. The group has enjoyed a degree of stability of late following their more turbulent beginnings, and currently consists of Eddie on vocals, Jon Butlin guitars, Paul guitars and Jon Rush on drums. Playing material mostly from their 1999 demo album “A Monument To Suffering – Dominus Detrimentum”, together with new songs such as “Scales,” the group succeeded in creating an intense, brutal melange of black, death and grind intricately combined whilst being simultaneously unique, atmospheric and very darkly oppressive.