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Publications & Projects

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Freelance work with the “Leamington Spa Courier,” “Warwick Courier” and the “Kenilworth Weekly News” from 2001

This page shows examples of some of the published work and commissions of Mark Flowers.

Hardback ISBN 0 7505 1873 1

CD design, artwork & photography for “Inhabitation” by P.O.A., 2002

CD design (with Nick Wade) & photography for B.A.S.S. Freedom: “The E.P.,” 2002

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“Warwickshire Choice” magazine, 2004 nr.24: pp3, 34-35

Warwickshire Arts Week, July, 2004 Exhibition with Carol Ballard

commission for sculpture, Judah Ltd, 2004

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publications & projects



The Saga of Hawkwind”                by Carol Clerk     

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