Space Ritual

Photograph by Mark Flowers ©

Space ritual consists of some of the original line up from 1969 of Group X, later to become space-rock legends, Hawkwind. These were Nik Turner (saxophone, flute, vocals), Mick Slattery (guitar) and Terry Ollis (drums, percussion), who were joined by Thomas Crimble (Hawkwind bassist from July, 1970 to April, 1971).

In 1994, Turner formed a short-lived backing band called Space Ritual. The group released live recordings in 1994 (Space Ritual ) and  in 1995 (Past or Future?). They reformed as in 2002 signing to Ozit/ Morpheus Records, before leaving the label during  2003 amid some acrimony and reverting to the name Space Ritual.

They continue to tour covering old Hawkwind classics as well as performing new compositions of their own. Guests who have performed with the band have included ex Hawkwind members Harvey Bainbridge, Del Detmar Huw Lloyd Langton, Ron Tree, Jerry Richards and Commander Jim Hawkman.


Space Ritual (1994)

Past Or Future? (1995)

Live at Glastonbury & The Guildford Festival 2002

Live at Glastonbury & Canterbury 2002

Live at the Venusian Electric Ballroom in the Cygnus 5 Galaxy (2004)

Other Contributions:

Greasy Truckers Party 2002/2003 (live compilation of various artists on Ozit/ Morpheus Records, 2003)