Photograph by Mark Flowers ©

Nexus is made up of musicians from the Nexus Academy of Music Ministry based in Coventry. The academy was founded in September, 1998 by Dave and Kate Silber, ex-members of PrimeTime and TVB (The Vocal Band). Several cds have been released by the academy as well as subsequent cds by academy graduates.



Rain Down Your Mercy (1999)

Eyes Wide Open (2000)

Perspective (2001)

Fearless (2002)

Empty Vie? (2003)

Return To Life (2004)

Painting Different Pictures (2005 with Elysium)

Forty Days:

Rough Diamonds (2002)

Paradigm Shift:

One Size Fits All (2003)

3 Fold:

6 + 1 (2004)


Colourless View/ Cying Out In Me (EP, 2004)


This Is Not My Shed (EP, 2004)