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Formed in Cardiff, Wales in late 1967 by (John) Burke Shelley as a four-piece band called Six Ton Budgie, they soon dropped guitarist Brian Goddard and shortened the name to Budgie, becoming a three-piece until they disbanded in 1988 (although keyboardist Duncan Mackay is credited as a fourth member on their final studio LP, Deliver Us From Evil). Myf Isaac also played rhythm guitar on their tours from 1976-1978. Budgie were "discovered" and produced by Rodger Bain, whilst he was working with Black Sabbath.

The album In For The Kill achieved some success for the group reaching no.29 in the UK album charts in 1974, whilst Bandolier was no.36 in the UK in 1975.

The only constant member is  Burke Shelley (bass, lead vocals). Other members have included Tony Bourge (guitar, vocals, 1967-1978), Rob Kendrick (guitar, vocals, 1978-1979),"Big" John Thomas (guitar, 1979-1988), Ray Phillips (drums, 1967-1973), Pete Boot (drums, 1973-1974), Steve Williams (drums, 1974-1986) and Jim Simpson (drums, 1986-1988).

Budgie also played two reunion shows in Texas on 4/21/95 and 8/24/96, with Rob "Congo" Jones on drums and John Thomas on guitar. Budgie continue to tour using various members, old and new.


Only original albums and compilations of originally unreleased versions of songs are listed.

Budgie (1971)

Squawk (1972)

Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973)

In For the Kill (1974)

Bandolier (1975)

If I Were Britania, I’d Waive the Rules (1976)

Impeckable (1978)

Untitled (EP. 1979) extremely rare 12" promotional record of 4 studio songs with Rob Kendrick (on vocals as well as guitar). Only two copies in known existence.

If Swallowed, Do Not Induce Vomiting (EP 1980)

Power Supply (1980)

Night Flight (1981)

Deliver us from Evil (1982)

Panzer Division Destroyed/ We Came, We Saw .... (Live at The Reading Festival 1980 & 1982 Recorded by The BBC)

Heavier Than Air Rarest Eggs (1998) - Various Live Radio Sessions:

  • BBC In Concert, 10/19/72 (4 songs)
  • John Peel Show, 7/1/76 (2 songs)
  • Friday Rock Show, 12/18/81 (3 songs)
  • John Peel Show, 2/25/72 (4 songs) (extremely rare)
  • Global Village, London, England, 3/9/74 (2 songs)
  • A&M Studios, Los Angeles, CA, 4/30/78 (9 songs, complete) (incorrectly listed as 7/3/78)

Life in San Antonio (2002) - live