* Sites listed contain photographs by Mark Flowers


Photographic Societies

* Royal Photographic Society

* Leamington Spa Photographic Society


Agencies and Libraries

* Swift Imagery

Photographic agency specializing in worldwide travel, social documentary, lifestyle, environment, flora and fauna.

* Capital Pictures

Photographic agency specializing in celebrities and personalities from the worlds of show business, film and TV, rock and pop music, politics and royalty.


Photographic Web Sites

* Supertouring.co.uk

An extensive motor sport archive of photographs and information about the super touring car championships across Europe.

* Images of England

Images of England is a project managed by the National Monuments Record, the public archive of English Heritage. Its aim is to record on the Internet photographs of every listed building or structure in England.


Music Sites

* Tangerine Dream

Official web site for German electronic group, Tangerine Dream

* Nik Turner

Former founding member of space rock group, Hawkwind and founder of  * Space Ritual

* Space Ritual

Official web site for Space Ritual, an electronic/ space-rock group comprising former members of Hawkwind.

*Ozit/ Morpheus Records’ web site for Space Ritual

* Miss Angel

Dancer with Space Ritual

* John Greves

Musician with Space Ritual

* Jaki Windmill

Actress and Musician with Space Ritual

* Starfarer

Web site covering music by Hawkwind by Terry Hawke, electronic musician and former co-organiser of the U.K.Electronica festival

* Tractor

Official web site for British rock group, Tractor

* Cancer

Official web site for Cancer, a British death metal group.

* Rob Halligan

Singer/ songwriter, founder of Goldsmiths acoustic rock group.

* Nexus Academy of Music Ministry

Musical academy based in Coventry.

* Seamus Herbert

Musician and performing artist. Founder of Global:Re:mix


Campaign Groups

Reporters Sans Frontieres

Photographers and journalists have been instrumental in highlighting injustices to the world. Yet in doing so, many have been persecuted. More than 100 are still in prison. In more than half the world’s countries, banning, confiscation and censorship are everyday occurrences. Even today, nearly two billion men and women live under governments that restrict their right to know the truth. Reporters Sans Frontieres or Reporters Without Borders has chapters or members in more than 20 countries and is an independent organization that defends the freedom to inform and to be informed. Campaigning for world wide press freedom, Reporters Sans Frontieres helps imprisoned journalists, publicizes violations of press freedom, helps media that are victims of repression and works alongside major international organizations, having consultative status with the Council of Europe, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, and UNESCO. Addresses of individual branches can be found on www.rsf.org/contact_uk.php3