The Opinionmeter is a flexible, easy-to-use interactive survey system designed to collect customer satisfaction feedback at point-of-service. The Opinionmeter instantly tabulates responses to questionnaires and provides immediate on-site access to survey results.

When placed in a business lobby, customers interact with the free-standing battery operated Opinionmeter to self-administer their own surveys, anonymously.

Opinionmeter's unique questionnaire display system permits questions & answers printed in any language to be displayed in the easy-to-read Questionnaire Holder. Respondent answers are screened, tallied and results made instantly available after any survey. Results can be called up on the screen, hard-copied by a hand-held infrared printer or transmitted via serial cable to a PC for in-depth analysis using Opinionmeter's Opinion Analyzer statistical software package.

Promotion of the Opinionmeter has been carried out by M.S.A. (Marketing Strategy in Action) Ltd. based in Coventry.